Monday, July 14, 2008


Joyous joy of joys, our wedding made the Grosse Pointe News! And not in a lame way, like the Wedding recaps ("The bride wore Vera Wang...the Mother of the Groom wore lavender..."); rather, we had an actual op-ed piece written about our wedding! I guess it helps that we're friends with a journalist... enjoy!

"Red Wings

When Thomas Sperti, a tall, somewhat shy young man, was running the camera department at the old Hallmark Card Shop in the Village, he was approached by a pretty blonde colleague — Jamie Flanagan — who wanted to know what he thought about the Red Wings.

It turned out they were both fans and Sperti wangled some excellent seats and took Flanagan to a game. The friendship blossomed and on Friday, June 6, the day the victorious Stanley Cup winning Red Wings were feted in a Detroit parade, the pair declared their love for each other in a lovely, traditional ceremony at St. Ambrose Church in the Park, conducted by the Rev. Tim Pelc.

Midway through the nuptials, Pelc paused and instructed best man, Dennis Pascoe, to retrieve a large box from among the pews.

Pelc, with a twinkle in his eye, presented the be-ribboned box to Tom and Jamie and instructed them to open it. Its contents? A large pair of red wings with straps so they could be worn. The congregation loved it. The red wings were prominently displayed at the wedding reception at the River Place in Detroit. However, the couple left the memento with Tom's parents, Sheila and Pat Sperti of the Farms, when they jetted off for a honeymoon in the Dominican Republic."