Thursday, May 15, 2008


Jamie and Tom's Checklist (Not you?) June 06, 2008DAYS TO GO: 22


For some reason, my heart just dropped into my stomach when I realised that there are 21 short days left until our wedding. I am so insanely nervous I can barely concentrate. I have crazy butterflies that are making it hard to keep food down. I couldn't be more elated to be marrying the man of my dreams; that said, this is a really, really big party that we're planning, and the bigger it is, the more that can go wrong. I'm so petrified that I am forgetting some huge element of planning, but I keep checking and re-checking that horrid checklist, and it seems more or less that things are on track. Besides, they include ridiculous items on the list, such gems as:

"Start looking into registering for gifts."
"Grooms: Start planning your groomsmen's attire: Tux or suit?"
and who could forget:

"Brides: practice walking in your wedding shoes. "
Really? Really? Who needs a list to tell them such things? It's rather upsetting that people who need such a list are considered mature enough to marry.

Crap! We still need to pick up our marriage certificate! Double-crap! We're in Wayne County, which means we have to endure the living nightmare/joke that is the Coleman A. Young Municipal Building...the dreaded City Hall...we're guaranteed to be stuck for the next 2 weeks in an eternal queue. We may just make it on time down the aisle, frantically clutching said certificate in our sweaty palms.

Oh my God that Eddie Money/Ronnie Spector song, "Take Me Home Tonight" just came on the t.v. I freaking love that song.

Stream of consciousness, much? It's probably the nerves.

I hope the Honeymoon will have the desired effect of mellowing me out following the stress that has been the past few months of planning/worrying, worrying/planning.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

We finally booked our Honeymoon!

Spending 5 days in Paradise...

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Friday, May 2, 2008


"Married in the month of roses- June,
Life will be one long honeymoon."

Guess we chose correctly.

"June's fine weather makes it the choice of discerning brides, but the reason for its good press in the world of lore has to do with who it's named for. Juno was the Roman goddess of marriage, so it only makes sense that the month named for her would be deemed propitious for all brides."

Hail to thee our Alma Mater

I feel like rambling. I'm tired and worked late tonight. It probably did not help that I was sexually harassed by a Somerset janitor and forced to file a "police" (read: Somerset security) report. So I've had a long evening.

But I'm a tad perturbed, not by the almost-rape that occurred in a dark service elevator earlier this evening (or more appropriately, as it's already 12:36, last night); rather, I am bothered by the fact that I will not be attending my college graduation this upcoming weekend. Not that I ever had planned on it. I wasn't going to attend, as I felt that it wasn't really that important. I am keenly aware of my accomplishments, and so is my family. That being said, there is a part of me somewhere that feels like I should be attending, that I should recognize and acknowledge the huge accomplishment this truly is for me (it would take several days for me to describe the enormous hurdles I had to overcome in order to get here, to this place in life, as an alumnus). My older brother and parents were very insistent that I attend graduation, but neither my younger brother (who graduated the same semester as I did) nor myself felt like it mattered any.

Well, now I haven't the choice to make. Instead, it has automatically been made for me. My second and final bridal shower is this Saturday. So the option to attend is no longer there. And somehow that makes me long that much more for the chance to go. Because, really, I will never know what I am missing out on if I wasn't there to experience it. That's sort of always been my philosophy, the idea that if I fail to just try something, then I won't know whether it was meant for me or not.

Somehow this situation seems deeply poetic to me, this idea that I will miss out on a pivotal milestone celebration, college graduation, directly as the result of another pivotal milestone: a celebration linked to my impending wedding. What does it mean? Probably nothing. I have a propensity to look deeper into things, and try to find meaning where it doesn't otherwise exist. I suppose ultimately I just feel melancholic about the celebration. I know I would probably just hope for the day to end if I went to graduation; hell, I already have my degree- what do I need the pomp and circumstance for?

Oh well.